Unconventional Media Solutions

  • At Unconventional Media we believe Normal is Bloody Boring. We believe media should be fresh, innovative and should tell a social story.
  • Our marketing solutions are affordable, friendly to the environment and resonate with every day South Africans.
  • With high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality business CANNOT be business as usual!

Who we are

About us

Unconventional Media is an outdoor media and waste management company which believes in driving social and environmental positive impact. We drive social impact in local communities through running recycling and community development projects using the Abomakgereza Social Enterprise. Part of our community engagement and intervention includes training and equipping local informal waste collectors with basic business and entrepreneurial skills needed to take their waste trade to the next level

We have designed and manufactured functional waste trolleys for recycling waste pickers that are more durable and more safe compared to the ones they currently use. The new trolleys also act as mobile billboards that enable our advertising partners to communicate their brands and therefore make this social enterprise more sustainable.

What we offer

 702 Event
Red Bull Event


We have built functional and durable recycling collection trolleys, with large spaces available for corporate marketing. Our trolleys are clean, fun, and a great branding opportunity for South Africa’s best companies

Event Clean-Ups

We also provide waste management services at events whereby we employ Abomakgereza at these events who provide cleaning services using branded waste trolleys. This enables Abomakgereza to earn additional income over and above what they normally earn during their daily hustle.

Our Partners

Brand Integrity

1. Our trolleys are kept, inspected and cleaned at sites of the cooperatives or and buy-back centres we work with.

2. At each site there is designated cart inspectors ensuring brand visibility, cleanliness of both the waste trolley and the waste picker.

3. Each trolley is fitted with a tracking device to monitor our fleet and to demonstrate brand visibility to our advertising partners.