Side of Trolley


What We Recycle
  • These are all the materials we collect and recycle from our waste suppliers (Corporates, Informal waste pickers and event organisers)
  • 1. Plastic 2. Glass 3. Paper 4. Metal

Corporate initiatives

What We Do

Unconventional Media offers waste management and recycling services for corporates and event organisers within the borders of the South Africa. The core of our business includes driving social and measurable impact in local communities. We do this by providing safer waste trolleys safe wear to those who seen as nuisance and shunned away in our society, informal waste pickers. We have partners that we cater to, we render our services which are waste management (collection of recyclable material from their sites on a regular schedule and on a "when needed" basis, plus we sort the different material and provide them with a detailed report)